Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Friendship & Thoughts

I've been deep in thought for the last couple of hours...thinking about life, and friendship, and other random things. Like what I will wear to work tomorrow (it's harder then you think).

I have some many things to be thankful for; I live in a wonderful country, I have an amazing family, and amazing friends. I have so many people that have come into my life that I absolutely LOVE. They mean the world to me. Even though I don't see a lot of you all. And there are far to many of you to name. But top of that list would have to be my BEST friend, she has been there all my life, she knows everything about me, my mom. And I'm not just saying this cuz it's mother's day this weekend, anyone who knows me knows how close I am with her.

Anyways enough of me rambling on, I love you ALL!!!!

ps-I'm working on doing a weekly video blog let me know what you all think of it, yeah or neah??? I wanted to do it in Florida...but I kinda chickened out and just did some clips instead. Well leave me comments, let me know what you thing

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