Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter is here!!!

Winter is here, I absolutely love the Christmas season. Time with family and friends, buying presents for people. I love it!!!
I'm not a big fan of the driving in snow part, although I'm sure I'll survive (I hope)! On Saturday I drove from Hamilton to London (which would normally take just over an hour) well this time it took me close to 3hours. I don't think my car went more then 65kms, and for an hour of it I was only going 40kms. Well here's hoping everyone has safe travels this busy season.
I'm really looking forward to my time off, especially going to Quebec for Jewel's wedding. Woah! What a busy time!

What do you all have planned for Christmas? What's your favorite part? Are you done your shopping yet? How long has you tree been up for?

I only have 1 more person to buy for. And my Christmas tree has been up for 4 weeks :o)

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