Wednesday, March 14, 2007

look it's my kitty

So I got a Kitty Cat (well more cat and less kitty). I got her last Friday, you maybe wondering why it's taken me so long to share her with you, well that's because she's been a bit of a frady cat. She's been hiding until last night. When she finally spent some time with me. Then tonight as you can see in this picture she was up on the couch being my friend....YEAH she came out to see me she is out exploring my apartment. I'm having a house warming party on Friday night I don't think she will like that very much she'll probably hide again. The good news is the house will be quite again on Saturday. When I will be babysitting Ethan and Mikayla. I hope Amy has fun and Test The Nation, lucky. I hope her brain comes back by then.
Well I must be going to bed now so as not to cranky tomorrow at work...Amy doesn't like it when I'm cranky at work....she makes fun of me. :(


Amy Ruttan said...

Darn right I do, you Goonie hater you!!!

CreativeBarbie said...

YOU HATE THE GOONIES!! wait i have that sweater.. we had this conversation. BUT i'm glad you have a new place and things are going well. I spend most of my time trying to forget my life up north in order to move on with my life...not postive but effective :) ~ much love