Thursday, March 8, 2007

All moved, Long week

Well I am happy to say I am all moved into my new place. I really really like it. It will be so nice once I get everything unpacked, right now most of my life is still in boxes. I still need to go grocery shopping since I have no food, and I ran out of toilet paper yesterday night...and I couldn't find the box of Kleenex I know I unpacked, so I had to hold it till I got to work this morning. I know it's sad.
Speaking of sad, this week has been very sad. It's been pretty crappy at work, I've been all alone, Amy has been off having fun at the court house (she is doing jury duty), and has left me all alone at work with crazy people calling, and stupid collect call guy that calls every day for a certain lawyer that never takes his call. GRRRR!!!!
Well I hope you are all having a good week. I'm sorry that I haven't written in awhile I've been busy getting ready to move, but now that I am in my new place I will hopefully get back into some kind of routine.

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Amy Ruttan said...

Aww you did miss me. Congrats on the move, and it wasn't fun doing Jury Duty. It was a terrible case to listen too, I read today the guy's gonna be declared a sexual offender.

I'll be back Monday though, but I'm not taking any calls from crazy guys. Forget it!