Friday, February 23, 2007

Almost Moving Day

Well it isn't officially 'moving day' yet, but I have started moving. I started this week. I've been bring in car loads of boxes when I come in to work and dropping them off on my way home (since I drive right past my new place anyways). I only have 4 more boxes in my parents basement, plus however many boxes of clothes I have to pack in my bedroom. It should only be one more trip and all my boxes will be in my new place. Then my dad is going to help me move all my furniture (dinning room table, bed, chair, dressers, microwave stand, etc) it should all fit in a mini van except the futon...I'm still not sure how we are getting that to my place. Hopefully we'll figure something out...if anyone has a pick up they'd like to offer let me know.


Amy Ruttan said...

How did the move of boxes tonight go?

"Excuse me, but you seem to be missing some dockets! hehehee"

Have a good night you houga bouga and see you Monday.

officeprincess said...

The move went good. I talked to my new landlady she wants to paint before I move in. So that means its going to be later till I move, but it will be all nicely painted.