Monday, February 19, 2007

Great Weekend

This weekend was lots of fun. It was great to see all my friends from Huntsville again. The drive was good. We got there just after 9. Saturday was really relaxing. I got up and played with the 3 kids, then we all went to Emily's basketball game, then back to the house to hang out and relax all day (so nice) then Saturday night we watched a movie. We rented Half Nelson...I don't recommend it. It a crappy movie with crappy ending, and it was just really long and crappy. Then on Sunday I went to church and then went to MBC for the afternoon to hang out with Chrissy. We rented another movie...this time it was a really good one. It's called 'One Night with the King' it is the story of Esther, which I already love. It was really well done. I loved it....I would definitly recommend it. I was very surprised and how close they stuck the original. Good Job Hollywood.

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Amy Ruttan said...

Here's my comment houga bouga. Glad you had a good weekend.

I'm just so frustrated right now by the ineptness of you know who.