Thursday, May 8, 2008

♫♪All my bags are packed I'm ready to go♫♪

♫♪I'm leaving on a jet plane♫♪

Ok, I'll stop singing now. Seriously though, I'm all packed, and I leave in less then 14 hours. Wow it's finally here :). I'm almost done everything on my to do list. I just have a couple stops to make on my way to the church to meet up with the rest of the 10 people going.

We are meeting at 5:30pm to pack our 2nd suitcase with the supplies we are bringing with us. Then we are meeting back at the church at 2am to begin our night of travel. We'll be flying out of the Detroit airport. We have a layover in Miami, then we fly to the Dominican.

Well, I must sign off now. There is still some last minute things I must do. Later!

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Jocey said...

hey! how can i stalk my best friend when she never updates her blog??? :)