Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T Minus 65hrs and Counting

I can't believe I leave for the Dominican in less the 65 hours. WOW! I'm pretty sure I'm completely ready for the trip. We met as a team on Sunday evening to finish getting all the craft stuff ready for the 3 day camps we're going to be doing. On the weekend I went shopping with Jocelyne for miscellaneous stuff we needed for the trip and I've started packing.

I'm just getting so excited! I've been watching videos online of people who went where we're going to work with Haitian children and it's getting me so pumped for it. But at the same time I don't feel anxious about the trip. I just hope I don't get all anxious and sleep deprived in the next 2 nights. I definitely need to get my sleep since we'll be leaving at 2am to begin our 14 hours of traveling. I'm sure I'll be getting lots of energy from adrenalin and excitement.

Woah I'm getting super excited just think about it. Well I must get back to work.

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