Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hometown Meme

Amy did this meme on her blog this week, and it seemed like a fun one to do. I'm not going to do it about the town I'm living in now, instead I'll do it on the town I grew up in and still drive to at least 5 times a week.

Best Place to Eat: Well, there is Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza (no seriously there is about 7 or more places to get Pizza. If you don't want pizza I'd I'd recommend would be Jonny Bucks (Bar & Grill). A place I wouldn't necessarily recommend for the food, even though I'm a regular at is Roy's Coffee Shoppe (it's a small dinner, everyone knows everyone)

Best Shopping Mall: The only mall that we have is the Kenwick Mall (which has about 7 stores, inculding: Food Basics, Shoppers Drug Mart, and some privately owned shops).

Famous Landmark: The Old Clock Tower

Best Place for Kids: I don't know maybe the skate park or any of the parks, there's lots. There is also Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling.

Popular Outdoor Activity: Biking, there are some great bike trails through the conservation area. Or Swimming at the Town Pool in the summer (since it's outdoors)

Breathtaking View: I don't know...I really like how everything looks in the fall when all the Corn is really high (yeah It's a farm town). All around town is beautiful country side.

Only found in my hometown: An Ice Cream Shoppe called the Cool Cumcumber. The head office for Cuddy Farms, and Grey Eggs. My Church and Family!

I don’t know who to tag so whoever wants to do this on their blog should, just leave a comment so I can go read yours.

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BeccaGirl said...

I've seen this meme, although I haven't gone over to participate yet...
Anyway, I see that you enjoy memes (me too!) I actually found your blog from the Wordless Wednesday list from last week. I am visiting more and more from the list to invite them to come see a meme I just started. It's called 'Give Me Five' Monday meme and it's fun and easy to participate in.
I'd love for you to come read about it and possibly participate! Thanks so much, BeccA!