Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

Last weekend was so great! I went camping with the Cadets. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was the nicest we've had on a cadet weekend in 3 years. It didn't rain at all the whole weekend. I was working on the absail tower all day Saturday and the morning on Sunday. I absolutely LOVED doing the belaying. Half the cadets had never absailed before so it was really neat to see them face their fears.

Also staying on the topic of cadets for this blog entry. My paper work has finally all gone through. Last night I was sworn in as a CIC Officer. So it's all done (or more like it's just starting).

Anyway that's all for tonight. I'm off to bed, and not really looking forward to waking up in the morning. I have a doctors appointment to get 2 needles in preparation for my missions trip. I'm not really a big fan of needles. On that note, sweetdreams.

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