Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've got mail :)

Yesterday was such a long day (as every Tuesday is). I left the house for work before 8am, and it was after 10pm before I was back in my driveway. But when I was walking into the house I HAD MAIL!!! Even better then that it was something I mailed myself (read the blog last week before you judge me).

I was so excited! Early last week I sent out some letters to my friends and family asking for their support while I go on my trip to the Dominican. This was my first response from these letters. YAY! So Exciting! There's been so much on my mind about this trip as it's getting closer. I've been praying a lot for everything, trying to just give it all to God, and not be anxious about it. The last few days have been good. I've felt really calm about everything. I know that He is in control, and I've just been able to give it all to Him. So getting this letter yesterday was GREAT! It just reassured me of everything.

On a completely different note:

Today is one of my co-worker's 30th B-day, so I'm having lots of fun today at work bugging her about how "old" she is. Haha! As part of her present I got her Collagen Anti-Age Skin Firming Masks. Haha! It's ok I know she's going to get me back.

Don't worry Amy, 30 isn't that old...compared to 90. ;)

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