Friday, April 4, 2008

YAY! It's Friday :o)

This week feels like it flew by. I woke up this morning in a great mood, which for me doesn't happen very often since I'm NOT a morning person.
Well my day started off good and I couldn't believe how fast the morning went by! All the sudden it was my lunch hour. I went to do some running around on my lunch. One of my stops was the grocery store to pick up something to eat (since I have NO lunch food in my house, I should probably do something about that).

My junk food cravings haven't been to bad. But I really wanted something salty today. I didn't end up getting anything (except my lunch), because I didn't know if Corn Nuts or Pretzels are junk food (anyone know?). Then after I got back to the office and was eating my lunch I realized I should've bought some peanuts or something like that. Since that's not junk food. Oh well, I survived. I didn't die, and as far as I know I'll be alright.

Now I'm relaxing at home since my plans for the night got canceled. But I'll welcome this night of relaxation. Life's been busy lately, and it's only going to get more busy with preparations for D.R.

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